A competitive team,
on land and sea.
Furia Indeco and her crew took part at the World Offshore Sailing Championships.
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Indeco Stories
An Italian worker finds success in the USA, seen here with his owner for the last 20 years.
Multi Grabs - IMG series
The new IMG grabs are now made in 5 different versions.
Hydraulic Hammers HP Series
All of the HP Fuel Saving breakers save up to 20% on fuel consumption.
Find out what type of equipment you need for the type of job at hand and your carrier weight

Do you want to know the best method for excavating a tunnel?
A success story
where the sun never sets
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Indecommunity 14/2018
Read here the last issue of our Indecommunity newsletter. More 
Media Coverage
Komplexer Abriss in New York
Die 1939 eröffnete Kosciuszko Bridge überquerte bis zum letzten Jahr in NewYork den Newtown Creek und verband die Stadtteile Brooklyn und Queens. Seit April 2017 wird die 1835 m lange Brücke zurückgebaut und soll später durch zwei neue Schrägseilbrücken ersetzt werden. Am Abriss ist auch eine Indeco-Schere ISS 45/90 beteiligt. More 
Media Coverage
The new ISS 45/90 makes the cut in New York
An Indeco ISS 45/90 is cutting up the steel structure of the old Kosciuszko Bridge in one of the most important demolition jobs taking place in New York City. More 
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New York State of Mind
La nuova ISS 45/90 Indeco è al lavoro a New York e sta procedendo al sezionamento della vecchia struttura del Kosciuszko Bridge. More 
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Making various materials
Breakers and screening buckets are another part of the materials prodution process, helping to make a variety of materials.