Multiprocessor IMP Series

Designed to ensure maximum versatility, the Indeco IMP multiprocessor is the perfect solution for specialist or non-specialist firms who need a tool that can handle a variety of different jobsite situations in the demolition and recycling field. Different jawsets enable it to be used in the various crusher, pulverizer, shear and Combi Cutter configurations on the same carrier.

    • 1 Full 360° hydraulic rotation, with a protection valve, makes it easier to carry out demolitions in all conditions, and ensures that the material can be held firmly in the jaws.
    • 2 Steel shafts protecting the piston rods against accidental on-site damage.
    • 3 Four different jaw sets for demolition, pulverizing and cutting
    • 4 Both sides of the interchangeable cutters can be used, thus doubling usage time
    • 5 Single axis of rotation for quicker and more efficient maintenance and jaw set replacement; Greasing system for improved lubrication of moving mechanical parts.
    • 6 Interchangeable teeth in crusher, pulverizer and Combi Cutter configurations.
    • 7 Two large pistons providing dynamic but balanced demolition power.
    • 8 Innovative design and robust housing.
    • 9 Frame and jaws made with HARDOX®.
    • 1 Wear-resistant hardfacing, fitted as standard
    • 2 Interchangeable teeth mounted on a bolt-on plate with tooth sockets
    • 3 The distance between the interchangeable cutters can be adjusted, so that steel rods inside reinforced concrete can be cut more efficiently
    • 4 Four special steel blades: all the same size, reversible and interchangeable so that all of the cutting edges can be used
    • 5 Exclusive dual-profile piercing tip system in both upper and lower tips, for a clean gradual cut
    • 6 Longer blades cut the steel rods inside reinforced concrete even more efficiently



To help you choose your ideal product, look at the requirements of the job at hand and the features of the carrier.

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