Compactors IHC and IHC R Series

Indeco's fixed or rotating IHC hydraulic compactors offer superior efficiency and versatility compared with other products on the market. Being fitted with the same mounting bracket as other Indeco hydraulic equipment makes it easy to switch from one tool to another at the jobsite.

    • 1 System with roller bearings and oil-bath lubrication.
    • 2 Rubber shock-absorption system.
    • 3 Thick chassis and baseplates made from special steel alloys.
    • 4 Hydraulic system.
    • 5 Innovative design.
    • 6 Pressure- and flow-control valve.
    • 7 Intelligent hydraulic connections.
    • 8 Hydraulic motor with special seals.
    • 9 Full 360° hydraulic rotation, with protection valve.

To help you choose your ideal product, look at the requirements of the job at hand and the features of the carrier.

Excavator weight (lb) *
  • Backfill blade
    A useful optional, mounted on the compactor, for smoothing and levelling the earth to be compacted, without needing to switch from compactor to bucket.
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An IHC 200 hits the road
Since 2009, the Lebanese company Hourieh Enterprises has been using an Indeco IHC 200 compactor mounted on a Volvo 2006. More