Hydraulic Hammers HP Series

With its many different models, divided into large, medium and small and available in various versions, Indeco has the widest range of hammers available anywhere in the world.

Hydraulic Hammers
    • 1 Intelligent hydraulic system.
    • 2 The synchronised internal distributor and piston maintain the same axial line.
    • 3 Oil cushion to reduce harmful low frequency shock waves.
    • 4 Short hydraulic flow pattern with dynamic sealing.
    • 5 Casing in HARDOX® steel.
    • 6 Piston.
    • 7 Centralised greasing point.
    • 8 Quick-change bushing replaceable on site.
    • 9 Lower shock absorber to reduce the axial stress between the hammer.
    • 9 Side shock absorbers to reduce radial vibration and noise level.
    • 9 Upper shock absorber to reduce axial vibration transmitting to the excavator boom.
    • 10 Wear and sound deadening plates.
    • 10 Internal sound-absorbent lining in super-soundproofed Whisper versions and independent housing.
    • 11 Rechargeable nitrogen accumulator.
    • 12 ABF System to eliminate blank firing.
    • 13 FS hydraulic system for lower fuel consumption.



To help you choose your ideal product, look at the requirements of the job at hand and the features of the carrier.

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  • IDA (Indeco Dust Abatement) System
    An innovative system that is particularly effective for reducing wear and tear on components, extending the working life of the hammer and protecting operators against exposure to microparticles of crystalline silica. It consists of a jet of high-pressure water spray, emitted by a number of nozzles on the casing, which prevents dust from harming both the tool and the operator. Recently updated to comply with the latest OSHA directives, the system is available in two different versions:
  • High-pressure system
    Available for medium-large to large hammers, it is made up of an air compressor and a high-pressure water pump, mounted onto the excavator and driven by two hydraulic motors powered by the
    excavator. A set of electrohydraulic valves enable the excavator operator to activate the pump and compressor independently, thus starting up either one or both of the protection devices:
    the dust-abatement kit, which uses a fine water spray and the dust shield, which uses the internal pressurization of the hammer to prevent dust, water and debris from getting into the hammer through the bushing, as can occur during tunnel demolitions and underwater excavations.
  • Low-pressure system
    Designed for smaller hammers and pulverizers, the technology involves inserting a vaporizing plate with four nozzles, where the mounting bracket is attached, which enables it to cover the whole working area (whatever position it is in) and reduce the amount of dust produced, even on windy days. The new system only needs a low-pressure water supply and the sprayers turn on automatically only when the attachment is in action, thus also reducing water consumption.
  • Anti-Grease and Anti-Dust System
    This system, which is crucial when working in dusty environments and when tunnelling, is made up of two collars. Both are adherent to the tool, and which prevent dust from getting in and grease from getting out, improving lubrication levels and thus lengthening the working life of the main hammer components.
  • Indeco Lube automatic greasing systems
    Among the most important accessories on hydraulic hammers, automatic greasing systems developed exclusively for Indeco by Bekalube technical staff are designed to keep hammers in perfect working order, by using just the right amount of lubricant and cutting out the down times needed for the operator to carry out manual greasing. There are two types of greasing unit – either an on-board system that can be fitted directly onto the hammer and which uses a cartridge pump, or else an excavator-mounted unit with its own grease tank.
  • In both cases, these systems are connected to the hammer through a single centralized greasing point, which enables the lubricant to reach all of the bushings and the moving parts at the tool, inside the hammers and on the retaining axle.

    Carrier-mounted systems
    - Five-litre hydraulically or electrically-operated tank
    - 18/20 kg hydraulically or electrically-operated drum immersion pump
  • On-Board greasing systems - Small
    Single-shot cartridge pump with only one hydraulic line, which accepts a single 250 or 400 g cartridge – for hammers from the HP 550 to the HP 1800
  • On-Board greasing systems - Compact
    Pump with two hydraulic lines, which accepts a single 400 g cartridge – for hammers from the HP 2000 to the HP 7000
  • On-Board greasing systems - Maxi
    Pump with two hydraulic lines, which accepts a dual 400 g + 400 g cartridge – for hammers from the HP 9000 to the HP 18000
  • Special Indeco Sirio lubricant
    It is vital that a specific lubricant be used, to ensure the durability of the main components of the hammer. Indeco's Sirio HBS grease, with solid additives is particularly resistant to oxidation, can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures and shows excellent adhesion and water-resistance.
  • Pins and bushings
    Designed to make it easier to mount all Indeco products onto the excavator boom, with or without a mounting bracket.
  • Mounting brackets
    Each Indeco mounting bracket model can be used with all Indeco products in the same class.
  • Folding mounting bracket
    A special mounting bracket for folding the hammer away directly under the carrier boom.
  • Connecting hoses
    We recommend using original Indeco high- and low-pressure hoses to connect various tools to the hydraulic system on the carrier.
the Tools
  • Chisel tool
    Suitable for all earthworking or narrow-section excavation jobs on medium to hard stratified rock.
  • Moil point tool
    Suitable for breaking up concrete, or medium-hard non-stratified rock. Secondary demolition: average, hard or extremely hard blocks.
  • Asphalt cutter
    Suitable for cutting asphalt, breaking up flooring, as well as brick or sandstone walls.
  • Pile driver
    Suitable for pilework or press-moulded supports for guardrails, etc.
  • Pyramidal point
    Suitable for demolishing hard reinforced concrete flooring, as well as sedimentary material.
  • Cobra chisel tool
    Suitable for all types of excavation work on medium-hard to hard rock, non-stratified rock or rock which tends to pulverise when being broken up, puddingstones.
  • Blunt tool
    Suitable for breaking up blocks of any hardness, or to reduce the size of rubble.